Meet Frank

Born  in a small grey town in a small grey corner of Northern England. Frank knew right from the start what he wanted to do and no square inch of paper within reach escaped decoration with his pencil or box of crayolas.

frank-largeAs all children do, I loved Christmas not just because of the gifts on the 25th but because of the piles of Christmas cards with white glossy unblemished backs where I could draw on as soon as they were taken down on twelfth night. I landed my first art job at seventeen and  earned my living in the profession ever since. I landed in the great white North of Canada over 25 years ago and immediately set about adding some colour to the place, no longer on the back of Christmas cards.  Actually, I have a few standing companies that I design new Christmas cards every year with new caricatures of their staff. These cards are mailed to their clients.


One thought on “Meet Frank

  1. Charlie Harrison

    Frank, I know that this is a long shot,but I am trying to locate the person that painted graphics (eagles) one on tailgate and one on firewall on a 1947 Studebaker pickup. The original owner was from Michigan. The very small lettering next to the graphics is spelled streetwize.


    Charlie Harrison

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