2012 Design Award for Frank Bailey Graphics

Beverage World, a major US publication announced two design awards for beverage packaging.
Funambule – Silver Medal
La Sima – Bronze Medal

To be in their November issue.


Warming up the Presses!

Frank has been contributing his talents to a hockey colouring book –for kids. The soccer colouring book is also in the works. Your favorite sports team members are featured in these publications. I can’t wait! Random House is warming up the presses as we speak. This November 2012, you will be a be to purchase these colouring books in time for Christmas. We will let you know where to get them as soon as they are out.

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A sneak peak will be coming shortly.
Tune in for a fun filled adventure.

Marishs Boulangerie CAFE Poster

Frank Bailey GraphicsLast Week Frank completed a poster for Marishs Boulangerie Cafe. A new addition to their home style bakery are candy apples. The secret is that each candy apple is dipped in caramel and coated with chocolate, nuts, white chocolate, sprinkles and more with various designs. The “mini” granny smith green apple is a crowd pleaser. A regular size apple, with less calories and the same great taste. Marishs still makes the jumbo candy apples to order. www.marishsboulangerie.com

The Bite Before Christmas

logoNOV. 2009
One day in a coffee shop Frank, Dan and Jeff were talking about having a turkey drive for the families that would not have a Christmas Turkey Dinner.  Frank coined the phrase “Twas The Bite Before Christmas”  and the wheels were in motion. Posters went up. The website was launched and the Mayor of Mississauga came to sing her praises. Each year it was a big success. With Dan Meadowcroft at the helm, a well oiled Turkey Drive and dinner  has  graced us every December. This is Frank’s  logo for the Bite Before Christmas.
Frank is actively involved  in this project each year,  to raise funds for the Mississauga Food Bank along with the Port Credit BIA members and other sponsors.